Friday night I got back from the 3 day pilot reseach project with a renewed sense of purpose and a promise to do even more for women’s health (especially kinship women) which was sponsored by the Ontario Women’s Health Network

The project was held at the Nottawasaga Inn which was 5 star all the way. The rooms were comfortable, the meals over the top (weight gained) plus the spa, pool and grounds awesome.

The best part was the unconditional support from the other 13 ladies taking part and that of the two profeeional faclitators. I have never spent so little time with folks yet come away feeling like I have so much in common with them. Despite a wide number of social deteriminants we realized we have far more in common than one would ever imagine. It was a true honor to met each and everyone of them.

I networked by handling out CANGRANDS kinship and denied issues information packages and secured commitments for them to share our information on websites and information meeting across the province.

The OWHN will be doing more of these workshops and still need women so if you are interested please call Julie or Christine 416-408-4840 to get your name on the list for the next one. The OWHN covers the transportation, hotel and all food and trust me it is well worth attending!

You can also order or down load for FREE a booklet on doing Womens Health Circles and Guide to Focus Groups plus Inclusion Research Handbook and Guide to Focus Groups are good guidelines for doing kinship circles!

Betty Cornelius