My lovely kinship granddaughter is now 18 and wants us to adopt her and we are so honored to have raised her for the past 15 1/2 years.

Betty Cornelius is President and Founder of Cangrands National Kinship Support, a Canadian organization. Tammy Brockhaus is 61 years of age, and widowed. She coordinates the Cangrands group in Huntsville, Ontario. They are both grandparent kinship carers. Among many tasks, they are activists for changes in law needed to establish grandparents’ rights relative to kinship caring. The explain kinship caring and why it’s needed, and describe their own family experiences to illustrate the value of kinship caring for grandchildren. They discuss the challenges faced by them and others like them, such as finances, getting support, and having their access to granchildren blocked. They explain the situations that cause grandparents to lose access to their grandchildren. They explore grandchildrens’ health problems like fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and explain why children with severe health problems do best when they are cared for by grandparents. They highlight things they want changed.

You can also listen to the one I did in May 2010 with Sherry at: