Bill 22 update

Thanks for the update on Bill # 22 . Sadly this is exactly what has
happened to the other grandparent bills. In 1997 I heloped get Bill 27
going and now all these years later we still do not have a grandparents
rights bill. This is very dishearting to those of us who have been
battling hard and long.

Thanks for the reply.

Ms Cornelius
At this stage the Committee is considering a Government
Bill, Bill 179. All Government Bills take precedence over Private Members
Bills. Until the Committee has concluded its consideration of Bill 179,
it is unlikely that consideration of Bill 22 will occur.
However, in addition, the House is expected to recess on June 3rd for the
summer. It is then unlikely that the Bill will be considered before the
summer recess.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Jonathan Brickwood
Assistant to Trevor Day, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Social Policy
Legislative Assembly of Ontario | Committees Branch
Room 1405 Whitney Block | 99 Wellesley Street West | M7A 1A2
P) 416-325-3509 | F) 416-325-3505 | I/C 038 |


wrote the Ministry of the Attorney General and this was the reply that I received
for information purposes:

Subject: MAG Social Justice Programs and Policy Division response to your
correspondence – Our Reference #: M11-02695
Dear Madam:
Thank you for your e-mail of April 13, 2011, regarding grandparents’ rights. We are
responding on behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General.
Private Member’s Bill 22 received Second Reading on September 23, 2010. It has now
been referred to the Standing Committee on Social Policy. The bill will proceed
through the normal course, with opportunity for debate and a vote by members of the
House. The status of Bill 22 can be checked on the Legislative website for any
updates at:

While the Ministry of the Attorney General does not provide legal advice or opinions
to members of the public, we can provide you with the following general legal

N.B. *You may be interested to know that Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act
(CLRA) already permits any person, including grandparents, to apply for access to a
child. A judge will make such an order for access if it is found to be in the best
interests of the particular child, in accordance with section 24 of the CLRA.
Ontario legislation can be viewed online at:

The Ministry of the Attorney General operates Justice Ontario, which provides
information on a number of legal topics, including how to find a lawyer and family
law issues. Justice Ontario may be accessed through the Ministry website at:
If you would like to speak with a family lawyer, the Law Society of Upper Canada
(LSUC) operates a Lawyer Referral Service through which you may obtain a half-hour
of free legal consultation from an Ontario lawyer. The LSUC will provide the service
at no charge through a toll-free number at 1-800-268-8326.
Thank you again for writing.
Social Justice Programs and Policy DivisionTo comment on this post, reply to this
email or visit:

Windsor CANGRANDS Chapter Leader, Darlene Hachey hosted a Family Day information dinner to gather support of Bill # 22, which is asking for the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren.

The event was held at the Windsor Sportsmen’s Club and attended by over 100 folks. Many came from all over the province such as: Toronto, Seaforth, London, Chatham, Lucknow, Godrich and Bancroft.

Most attending are denied access to beloved grand- children, while others came to lend support to the cause.

Guest speakers included: Darlene Hachey, Joe Comartin MP, Kim Craitor MPP (by speaker phone), Dr. Robert Drake, Larry Duffield, Chair Person of Windsor CARP, Betty Cornelius, Founder of CANGRANDS NATIONAL KINSHIP SUPPORT, and Sue Doey, denied and advocate grandparent.

A lovely meal was blessed by Reverend Bruce Draper and enjoyed by all. Approximately 1/3 of the guests went home with one of the many, awesome door prizes provided by local supporters.

Great questions were asked of the speakers. Many heart broken tales were told, of being denied access due to biological parents having control issues then using their own children as pawns against loving grandparents! Example: IF you do not give or do thier for ME, then you will NEVER see the grandchildren again

There was also a silent auction and 50/50 draw with proceeds to the CANGRANDS 10th annual Conference and Camp.

Presently this Bill awaits it’s third and final reading at the social justice committee.

To ensure this Bill get passed plans include more letter campaigns, visit to MP’s and MPP’s, plus gathering local community support by visiting churches, service clubs, businesses and associations.

More on Bill # 22

Grand job Darlene!

New bill empowers grandparents

By Sarah Sacheli, The Windsor Star September 25, 2010

For Windsor grandmother Darlene Hachey, Thursday was one of the most
fulfilling days of her life.

She travelled to Queen’s Park and witnessed a bill pass unanimously
through second reading. The bill enshrines the right of grandparents to
have contact with their grandchildren in the case of divorce and other
custody disputes.

“In the law, we don’t have any rights,” said Hachey, who collected
thousands of signatures petitioning the government to support Bill 22.
“It’s not just for the grandparents, but it’s in the best interest of the

The proposed legislation is a private member’s bill from Niagara Falls MPP
Kim Craitor. Craitor, a Liberal, first introduced the bill in 2004, but it
died when there was an election call. “It must be passed before the next
election, or it will be lost,” Craitor said.

The bill now goes to the provincial government’s standing committee on
social policy before, hopefully, getting third reading and passed into

It’s Craitor’s fourth attempt to get his amendment to the Children’s Law
Reform Act passed. What’s different this time is that he has the help of
large organizations like CARP, a lobby group that represents seniors, and
the CAW, the largest private sector union in Canada.

Hachey, when she learned of the bill, contacted her husband’s union, Local
444, and got other CAW retirees to sign her petition. Once the national
office in Toronto got on board, the petition was being signed by union
members throughout the province, she said.

Hachey said, in collecting petitions, she heard the saddest stories from
devoted grandparents who’d been cut off from the children they love. Some
were raising a grandchild, only to have the child ripped from them when
one of the child’s parents gained custody. “This will change that,” said
Hachey of the proposed legislation.

The bill proposes to add a subsection under the Children’s Law Reform Act
called “relations with grandparents.” It says, “a person who has custody
of a child shall not unreasonably place obstacles to personal relations
between the child and the child’s grandparents.”

The bill includes a clause that recognizes “the importance of maintaining
emotional ties between the child and his or her grandparents,” and says
judges deciding custody cases must assess the “willingness” of a person
applying for custody to facilitate contact between the child and his or
her grandparents.

“The court shall give effect to the principle that a child should have as
much contact with each parent and grandparent as is consistent with the
best interests of the child,” the bill reads.

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More on Bill 22

The second reading of Bill # 22 passed 100% as did the past ones at second reading. The trouble always comes with the next step, third and final reading. We MUST group TOGETHER to carry out the next step to ensure that this the FIFTH grandparent bill since 1997 will be a home run!

First of all I have a shout out of “GRAND Job and roses” for Kim Craitor for presenting his grandparents bill for the FOURTH time. Please do send Kim a letter or email of gratitude to: 3930 Montrose Road, Suite 8 Niagara Falls, ON L2H 3C9 905-357-0681 F: 905-357-9456 or 80 Grosvenor Street, 6th Floor Hepburn Block Toronto, ON M7A 1E9 416-325-1648 F: 416-212-7155 or online at:

Secondly I have to say I was VERY disappointed with the denied access grandparents who did NOT show up. This is YOUR Issues and you need to attend these events to show the MP’s you truly WANT change! We ALL need to stand up and be counted to create the change that will help our grandchildren.

Thirdly I am very, very grateful and proud of the following folks for taking their time and money to attend:
To Brian Jacques and Aaron Neaves – Union reps for Chatham
To Darlene Hachey – Union Rep who took the train from Windsor!
To Arron’s lovely wife for ‘leaking’ (crying) along with me during the session!
To Lucknow CANGRANDS chapter Leader Audrey Meikle, who brought along her mother, hubby Alex, sister Phyllis, and son Steven !
To Seaforth CANGRANDS chapter Denise Morris who drove in from Seaforth.
To Diana Brammall who joined CANGRANDS the day before yet came from the other side of Chatham to show her support as she is denied access to her step grandchild.
To Mr. & Mrs. Alexandra who drove in from Brooklin and created ‘grandparent’ packages for EVERY MP!

I would also like to thank all the folks the MP’s mentioned who either signed and or gathered petitions, wrote personal letters or visited them to share their heartache! As well as the many companies who wrote letters of support that were also mentioned today.

Finally I would like to thank ALL the MP’s (less than 20 of them) who were actually ‘at work’ in Parliment on Thursday. Those that were they all voted and supported Bill # 22!

Now here is the next plan of action and PLEASE do your part!

Anyone who supports children seeing their grandparents are asked to get a picture frame and mail it (free) to your local MP with a note asking them to pass it on to the Attorney General with a request that Bill 22 be given a third and final reading and be passed! If you are denied access please write on the glass ‘Have you seen my grandchild? I have not!’

Also continue to gather signatures for the Bill 22 petition and mail to Kim!


Betty Cornelius