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A Note from Betty:
Well summer is nearly over and I am thrilled to have Sarah Evans as a student working with us. Sarah is a second year Humber College student in the Social Service Worker Program.
Sarah has developed this awesome newsletter and is looking forward to interviewing some grandparents (any volunteers)?

I have been busier than a momma cat with nine kittens as I returned to work part-time as a peer support for our local Mental Health agency and loving it.
I presented at the Jewish Family Association in Toronto on June 16 to a group of family social workers. They were impressed by my passion and they have connect a few clients with CANGRANDS. Sarah (our Social Service Worker Student) joined me for this experience.

Tammy, Cindi , Alex (Tammy’s Grandson) and Betty

Tammy, Betty and Cindi our new Huntsville chapter leader worked a an information display booth in Huntsville for an event called “Give a Hoot”.

Asheleigh graduated Grade 12 however plans to return for the ‘victory lap’ and will study university law then work a four credit co-op at a local law firm. Ash had her Grade 12 prom and graduation in late June. As well, Ash was named “Most Improved Cadet” for the Sea Cadets. Needless to say grandma and grandpa are proud!
Plus, we continue to have our sweet Taylor ‘often’.
CANGRANDS took part in Angel Tree’s Prison Fellowship International’s Annual Convocation by opening the event by carrying in the world flags. 36 of us got together to be part of this event and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and share over the lovely free supper they provided. Read the rest of this entry