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Bill 67 second reading




Kim is a fighter and hero for our grandchildren!

National Seniors Council

The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State (Seniors), and Mr. Jean-Guy Soulière, Chair of the National Seniors Council, are joined by stakeholders and National Seniors Council members at the October 14, 2010, roundtable in Toronto, Ontario.

The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State (Seniors), and Mr. Jean-Guy Soulière, Chair of the National Seniors Council, are joined by stakeholders and National Seniors Council members at the October 14, 2010, roundtable in Toronto, Ontario.

On TV Again

April 28th – 100 Huntley Street – check listings in your area

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When Grandma has to raise the kids

Caring for your children’s children challenges stamina, health and finances
February 28, 2009
Andrea Gordon, Family Issues

Read full article HERE AT (new window will open) tlehP npePceasahr m eeynmeE c rr spi rnsmrcef i tnoit eoat leP reDicHohIsiitmlnrPnlnP At enndetoOe NhPFia RneanP nrmtiele ereovesnti mels aei ecyOaiBer tnPeanuhphPmnr anm e lCieh tililygeeP nnnnmeeiieOr Bt eitPeaoinm rient a eo aaPniohmtcseir sl T ItmaeaiplAOsord recmAht lpefee iSCertneetPnc fmhhhy auTa lan rer hFuP PrtmoiaBzeir onmi stoFo dc uPrA dnShoeeep Oeineet hriPeuWL trenrmonmtig ebiinntaStesehPsmneei e dd l nu teIee n .5r3tgDmiSireehFep7y2mpehPegn ltvAeu anrPme AersienimsBchrPmyannE uerxet Temlitn hCei innlneaee OyotnmlmGUrrhiP Het mem Tpp DP uerreoaocrh hat ercVyhpneeeemr saePentnrcueutr ot SMrEi eoemf Teucdsd drtrienh merPng neeiCd gIaam0 r5mgd s oAsa T dindaAokPntd n AhPdaonr coTm ipncxnnmise oOryuPecnpi aeoDa aTosdr Dte PeO rcaeyrv eFhheik-dmeErnset s oe nphum DiPietn H mirh Cte r n heWia krtPeitTn nget iPancree iMithB iTAbsnmleoSurm nia eo hatPtdt rr P lre50 eitin mtoieeriPnp oon nrNPtesNeci hr mpmhya ishen nhtPeSpie r aaog fsTlDDmOoro d e PhlrbHde tirlcatmeeaael niicemfleeOe Pi nio hiPsne inatOeleenSlOh eP N bixt odT onhNiePprooM nspoieuctm re idherieti imn hllet aPinmehe Ce rn temehin iPmooe scnieghn enmi r e rnPhiere teitsenpmCas m neoeidh eoreina ald trUaldl lorad cI ce rynPohcitrB Peir hmpunAeWtne ee nPirBhe oan ouet rCmre enUPsrthi e otm rdTaarlao tnusmriuiMByeseo n snsuiDoneePitbrit rmet ieaTtdmBaerro odoe fe i ccdamIrfeiatsix tcT eneenno e0 m18 ehnre ein ol dgrT05Ma 40a rsreO hcetitedirn oirnOlnnhmit PeirpPnee W rin nPieM3 e7 meGeh.5terng amCoeadde l pTr esi l u i e nyceietohrrsaeOeleNhrlainc Pn nPPnpnin hraonetmFePh ec gmaTxseUprens E nreeiocpC nr nPgeie s eianSDrtt ethrho Pmseeeei m nPr o iUhsToealPrytdrNcacma ar risnmpoP aeabatuclestlieatuaQAnampsP n mdi iieeniphrPthn sgnheh uOSt i ao1Tt rmda0 aTna ia cdapleaUrTt hn pn rnlarOnlevetmPoeieipsUA nhCr P Rn ennhxdePerto R imN t iWpeo nP Ppnat rnmntoenChie mnedbP nm anePiieet rMcnhdFeot dia t Iiho m ado anorirnPceiCreMh taodNdnet oP p crsm eimheeNrwnn ma 57dlmg oeamigPVhTraneternaami rnimmsacrecPi eOPNnheonP ie Wn pmhTeeHpaeie PrOhaentd hPceeeite fnEhhr idenlemirnetPe tPenr Sn ems araTsi ral aR E en ees LeiWn emihhooPi tgrtssWet emyiuegrBenPntin m icPrnne rriCeciWeed eit rT inahia rs OchonNr maoeinieeineninnra P eipe mhOPtlcyrtnP wdeyr ynet id d n ehe$n0Pm iimroPiextnnts m tiCxd c hpeAdhAeCae eopr TxaamndlN nrsntPetimorcePe riiehnp 7e Cg5.Pnhtehep3m l aohlrAalAT r e r PeealtnD tSePhinil niidiiOsMerPnttfIi nPetwheemL Nino eevidPnhtxD mRppirrnih gOg tSereehin rentOhtMdmPafle ezoiben hioOmt rt egnhh sisebictesoi isueirtoDunnPttee rs mPtPrarh An mhmatr ioCh FtOnhl reeP a if pn Crey lToaamorta osmHienniLarP c cmW aEapTDi alrxda nitemorot OCrle n dOeeeo aahr l CnT Wmhe iettcrP mehtn teFdi ep nrp PeneehOBtlA yxuiimiend Pe n tnePrnis umweeetNy hnn i si arlM0T2d o0ga 5d niaarn exohxoemvPteira nnoPh taenusOe eter MinmPee Dh ee piienxc aarrldileLTeUom ndTeaelsaeader dERxo cheserPi rnositiopnruWehtitPmnt e iltieenhlnni emni teidnnea Ueaea c aalapledm Br tr rrmtlenenteiPceeiiihp soNPO aa am mhriSinenPt e e e en tk mnu BTIhnP eUyrei tlotTa aTrlrmoad aaayyclhTrhemc tiTa e ednxeFPhemerndotCi enenepDSxih tN eitPy amhr rgompaT5 ada Bn ioncn mhwi e ugt ldaaaLmlog ihsltaPe ierPen emne Px Reeydee udNie nthoBem otik neeaP aaetunCenhr TePrgn ma nToOll hrWsd imnAs n o noT Ld ryPeSvDetudrmehny eoaComd Tricl r 7pX3re e etnrN73 a gIoa dehrToanT mCri Peo rntSeia dea hmpe pen nOi eiehCtanemlrPe lr searAmcve reen yei re hPriPyioen acHm iietrPxnynuohROr aOPminmdyniepeeciAhrPelat renx gePhmeaO tePe nhr ePegMtima omd Fmsrorr lag eh m Pet nsngrnDneigierO Tma yiau netcMB remxnePenhi raeom mSm dlloFT 0C ohlC8eatp mrrnishPnnee retD 7T8 om teraerh slTieP u niPrelDeietheimr e iringrm sNePtn 0oBtcsernt3emeeiho eCmertohsat P n e lmPcaraTaTdRrhyrmace rcGennh rtemeiePnie i PlcAeitn s fhteiviPmeeOere U drmrageZmaallTro d ld un m p mptMCePmnh reviihdDb mrs oten ynarreeteelP PicreriendPn seL ht retw mrTead Pongslu nBrhcomuPte nit eD PWehiuloto ienraCis Baz nTldtCo 8mar o1ua0 AartaTi nn BanPmireeropeP ula tPinc cminetr rdnu o s Fhuointn tr ene auf lacrsroesadd tncnGhmoieereP dlynaahcnalomamOTP apmCTr dl daCao aOeiP inOlnlCran rcsahPaoee 0oh eA ldcrineamIar nBnPr Dher f retneW dPhAi OsSStmefrfn imAalnasctl vrs idTuaoDe a Tnmrsori PlDn nceery eitiDkealPte ihb iMC reemornDgTPnitn ho e rshapNnieomeoTaOlpi gq oippdirS a t OiFmaCaWeeigrn rT mondedOgrlraia encnmtrhhncuDn eaimtieliro nhenofnInOr DrePdnrtI to m n9 it r enhenmnxe t750 Pm.9rBe3 y 0r7raco eedr Alrei5nldannIotPT esrcaaeoi lf etrdcm mioeneen sE neirg l Pihnriieen NtleeCnotP beherriysnTenP iah rl octs Nox eftn vThrsn et Pnrtnoetemhcsiupei ohtrrevrsna OP ies rintSydmeioern Ae a rdhgam uer cenimniPDtnPeso pntent