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CANGRANDS faces our 13th annual conference and camp in the hole by 4400.00 with less than 2 weeks to go! Every DOLLAR helps to please make your paypal donation at:
or make a cheque to Camp Ignite and send to 2580 Hartsmere Road McArthurs Mills, ON K0L2M0 and they will send you a tax receipt.


We have lost our Hearts & Hands Quilt……last seen at Belleville Loyalist College…..if found please return to Betty Cornelius at 613-474-0035 or contact


There is still have room to book for the week or you can come for a day or two or even just to hear one speaker. Day rates vary depending on meals,  etc.  Beside great meals, swimming (lake or beach) and evening sharing
adult time we have the following wonderful speakers and events:

July 27 Sunday
AFTER 1:15 pm NO earlier~~

3:30 to 5:30 Hello sharing circle with Betty Cornelius – Founder of CANGRANDS

7 to 8 pm OPTIONAL: Duct tape workshop with Marnia Kelly (cost $2.00)


July 28 Monday
9:10 to 11:45 Understanding the Traumatized Child & Looking Through A Trauma Lens by Colleen Kamps
The impact of abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences on children and youth can have a detrimental effect on their emotional, behavioural,
physical, spiritual, intellectual, cognitive, and developmental well-being. An abused and/or traumatized child’s capacity to form attachments with caregivers (kinship parents and/or other relatives) can
also be compromised.  In this workshop the participants will learn how abused and traumatized children understand the world around them, how they
interact with others, how their issues manifest themselves in their behaviour, and other ongoing challenges they face with anxiety, trauma
triggers, mental health issues, and relationship struggles.

1:10 to 3:10 How to Talk to Kids about Sex…* with Colleen Kamps

Talking about the ‘birds & the bees’ is one area kinship parents might put off as long as possible. Sexuality is a normal part of child development, so why is it so hard to talk about? This workshop will help prepare kinship parents in answering those ‘tough sex questions’ and help themdevelop the best strategies in approaching this ‘tough topic’. Learn what kids need to know, when they need to know, and how they need to be told. Help children and youth learn that it is ok to talk about sexuality and ask questions to appropriate people. Help them to learn to develop positive feelings about their own bodies and understand their body rights and responsibilities. If you are uneasy talking about sex or answering certain questions, this is a great workshop for you.

Colleen Kamps has been working in the helping field for over thirty four years. Over the past twenty-five years she has specialized in assessment and treatment of children who have been sexually abused, children who have witnessed violence, and pre-pubescent children with sexual behaviour problems. She co-developed an assessment tool for children with sexual behaviour problems. Colleen is a full-time faculty member and coordinator at Centennial College in the Child & Youth Care Program.  She also trainsand consults with several treatment programs, child welfare agencies, foster care resources, and children’s mental health treatment residencies in her private practice. Prior to her specialization in child abuse/trauma, Colleen has worked extensively in the area of child welfare, education, residential services, and youth outreach. Colleen is a trainer for both SafeTALK (Suicide Prevention) and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training).  She is also a member of the Child Abuse Review Committee Team with the Toronto Children’s Aid Society. Colleen is
a long-standing member of the Ontario Association of Child & Youth Counsellors (OACYC).

7 to 8 pm OPTIONAL: Duct tape workshop with Marnia Kelly (cost $2.00)


July 29 Tuesday
9:10 to 11:45 Introduction to trauma, attachment, and sensory intervention with Janice

Janice offers over 12 years combined experience in the human services field inclusive of healthcare, child welfare, sexual assault, and social assistance
judgmental support and offers gentle insight into parenting through an attachment informed lens. She is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work through Buffalo University with a specific focus on trauma-informed care.  She is also completing certification as a Certified Trauma Integration
Clinician (CTIC) through the Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTH) where she is completing a mentorship program with ATTCH Founder Lori Gill.

1:10 to 3:10  Compassion fatigue and strategies to promote wellness and healing for KINSHIP caregivers with Janice

July 30 Wednesday
9 to 11:45 Adult free time ~ or  more sharing time

1:10 to 2:10 Group # 1 Cash and Kinship: Canadian Comparisons with Vanessa Iafolla

2:20 to 3:20 Group # 2 Cash and Kinship: Canadian Comparisons with Vanessa Iafolla

Vanessa is the National Research Coordinator of “Custodial Grandparents and Financial Literacy” at the University of Toronto. She is interested the interplay between money, policy, and society. She also likes knitting, swimming, and travel.

7 to 8 pm OPTIONAL: Duct tape workshop with Monica Kelly (cost $2.00)


July 31 Thursday
9:10 to 11:45 Developing an Action Plan for Advocacy with Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson

1:10 to 3:10 What Programs, Policies and Resources Would Make a Difference for You and your Grandchild? with Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson

Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson is a Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto; Sandra Rotman Endowed Chair in Social Work;
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. Esme has degrees from McGill University BA & B.S.W; University of California at Berkeley, MSW & PhD. Esme has been researching grandparents raising
grandchildren for two decades. One of the high lights of her year is coming to CANGRANDS camp and reconnecting with old friends again. She is the mother of 4 children aged from 10 to 21 as well as one of our best

Esme’s research interests are varied and include:
* Grandparent caregiving
* Association between early childhood adversity (parental addictions,
childhood maltreatment,  parental divorce) and later life physical and mental health
* Depression and chronic illness
* Immigrants’ health issues
* Social determinants of disability among older adults

7 to 8:20 Talent show


Aug. 01 Friday
10:15 to 11:40 Fridays workshop is now on HEALING with LAUGHTER by Luisa Sorrentino who has been a Laughter Yoga Leader for a year. Since completing her training, she has been bringing Laughter to people at Work, on Social Events and on Weekly Laughter sessions at her own Laughter Club. Luisa first learned about  LY at a conference and decided to become a Leader right away to be able to share this incredible life changing concept with as many people as possible.  Luisa is from Italy and moved to Canada in 2007; she holds a Masters Degree in
international Politics and works at Loyalist College, in Belleville.
“When you laugh you change. When you change the whole world changes” Dr. Kataria
Facebook page:  LOL Laughter Yoga –

1 to 2:30  Closing goodbye sharing circle with Betty Cornelius – Founder of CANGRANDS