April is our membership renewal time
Membership of 3.00 per month or 25.00 per year is due April 2013
Mail to: CANGRANDS NATIONAL KINSHIP SUPPORT 2580 Hartsmere Road, McArthurs
Mills On K0L2M0

Beside spending hours online and or on the phone with grandparents I often
travel to advocate on behalf of all kinship families!

2012 – 2013 CANGRANDS review and blessings:

TVO is done the kinship documentary and it will air within the next 6-12
weeks. (will let you know when as there may be a pre-screening for
CANGRANDS members!~)

Members attended yet another free Christmas camp hosted by Camp Winston
thanks to Pam K who oversaw who attended, food/gifts, etc.

Ontario Pro Bono continues to work with CANGRANDS to fight for kinship
educational and legal issues.

Ontario Pro Bono connected us with the law firm, Fraser Milner who took
CANGRANDS on ‘Pro Bono’.

Lawyers at Fraser Milner have continued to help and win many more OW
appeals for members.

Lawyers at Fraser Milner have created a free older kinship adoption for

Three more researchers did surveys on kinship households. (Thanks to all
members who took part!)

Spring CANGRANDS family camp hosted by Camp Winston May long weekend.

Our 11th annal CANGRANDS conference and camp had a new location and was
our ‘best ever’ event attended by 115. A special thanks to Angel Tree who
continued to assist us with sponsorship money!

CANGRANDS hosted a silent auction, a g-sale and some other smaller events
in the Bancroft area that brought us in nearly $1000.00 plus the VIA rail
tickets. These funds are used to reduce the camp costs.

CANGRANDS has been invited to speak in several locations across Ontario.

B.C. Grandparents want to use our conference and camp model to get one
started one out there!~

The International Grandparent Association is interested in our conference
and camp model as they want to get a few camps going across the US.

In 2012 Betty represented CANGRANDS at or by:
1. Ontario Nonprofit Network, Ontario Womens’ Health Network in person at
the annual conference and online webinars
2. Attended the National Institute for the Care of the Elderly
3. Attended the Echo: Improving Women’s Health in Ontario conference
4. Taking a 12 week online class to become the first Canadian
grandparentto be a Grandparent Leadership for the National Grandparents
for Children’s Rights
5. Wrote a article for Wise Women and one for the local paper
6. Secured a new camp location
7. Attended monthly online meetings with Rural Services Working Group and
spoke on rural issues effecting kinship families
8. Attended a 10 week course on NAMI Family to Family Mental Health issues
as well as spoke to them about kinship issues
9. Was nominated by Shirley Graham for a Wal-Mart Heroes award
10. Spoke about the 12th annual CANGRANDS conference and camp at Orillia
grandparent group.
11. Spoke and conducted several media interviews to promote kinship issues
12. Several times in the past 18 months, Betty and other CANGRANDS members
have met with Claude Gravelle who is about to present a new Bill on March
26th which will benefit some new working grandparents
13. Sat in on several meetings for the Rural Services of Child & Youth
Health Network for Eastern Ontario and spoke about kinship issues

In 2013 Betty will represent CANGRANDS at or by:
1. Becoming a Wellness Recovery Action Plan facilitator then speaking on
kinship issues.
2. Spoke about the 12th annual CANGRANDS conference and camp at Belleville
grandparent group.
3. Attended an online workshop called “Opportunities with Innoweave:
Practical Tools for Social Innovation workshop” from National Alliance for
Children & Youth andspoke on kinship issues.
4. Will attend the FASD ONE Blueprint for Action conference in March 24 &
25th in Toronto and speak on kinship issues.
5. Will be attending a join ‘grand parent group’ meeting with Angel Tree
about possibility of new options for grandparents.
6. May 8th & 9th will be working the Grounding Trauma 2013 Internal as a
volunteer for the networking opportunity.
7. Will be attending The National Institute for the Care of the Elderly
annual conference on May 24th.
8. Will be reviewing new grandparent book that will be published in late
9. Is planning several potlucks/ get together’s throughout the province.
10. Has already done 4 media interviews to promote our issues.
11. Has been nominated for the Grant McEwan Community Award.
12. Secured Angel tree once again as sponsor for our 12th annual CANGRANDS
conference and camp.
13. Betty has been able to secure several private donations towards the
2013 camp from $20.00 to $1500.00!
14. “CANGRANDS family camp” will be hosted by and at Camp Winston this
Fall (as CW is getting the kitchen all redone!)
15. Betty is working on the second cookbook and hopes it will be ready to
hand out for selling in July 2013. (Sales help cover camp expenses)
16. Securing new Chapter leaders as well as closing those who are idle for
more than 6 months.
17. May host an Ottawa Fall retreat for kinship families in that area.
18. Looking into hosting a second chapter leaders retreat for Sept.

CANGRANDS is getting new folks weekly some join the list where many others
just go onto Betty’s email list since they can not handle the volume of
email the list generates.

Thanks to Susan B who took care of the Great Wolfe Lodge CANGRANDS get

Thanks to Carolyn E found us a awesome ‘receipt rebate program’ and so far
several folks have been able to use this towards their camp fees.

Please save your original receipts from Shoppers Drug mart, Canadian Tire,
Future Shop, Petro Canada and Walmart then send to me often it really

Betty Cornelius
613-474-0035 grandma@cangrands.com

Membership of 3.00 per month or 25.00 per year is due April 2013
2580 Hartsmere Road, McArthurs Mills On K0L2M0