IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP – Membership is due for April 2012 Please consider all I do for the lists plus the advocating for kinship and denied issues that I do for YOU!  The fee of $25.00 per year is less than SEVEN cents per day or $2.08 a month (a cup of coffee!). The fees help cover less than 1% of the costs, actually it barely covers the long distance calls I return to folks. Not to mention, I run all over this province speaking to the powers to be and educating others on OUR issues.  Your actions and or lack of membership fees will decide whether you have a ‘kinship and/or denied access voice’ as I cannot continue paying out on my own. Sadly; I have already stopped accepting invitations to talk, and have said NO to sitting on committees where our issues are being presented, etc. I am doing my best to fight for issues that surround our grandchildren. Now lets talk about the good stuff that happened in 2011 and will continue for 2012.

Secured our first student, Sara who did a newsletter, plus some research as well as hosted a pot luck in a Toronto park for our members.

Georgie and myself completed Level 2 Stage two for the Ontario Women’s Health Network where we promoted all the issues related to CANGRANDS.

Peg and Ash completed the Ontario Women’s Health Network stage 1, and spoke on kinship issues!

In Nov 2011 I took part in Wounds to Worship where I was able to share with 300 women about CANGRANDS.

The law firm who took CANGRANDS on, has won yet more appeals for our members dealing with OW.

Second free CANGRANDS Christmas camp hosted by Camp Winston.

I worked very hard in 2011 to get Grandparents rights Bill passed.

CANGRANDS assisted Victoria Ting in getting over 150 kinship participants for her research paper which will be posted on our website late Fall.

Film maker, Karen Shopsowitz is presently shooting a new KINSHIP documentary on CANGRANDS for TVO. This is will air late Fall.

I continue to network with folks connected with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to promote the kinship issues.

I hosted a chapter leaders retreat where we established a up to date plan for whenever we get Charity status.

Claude Gravelle, NDP Member of Parliament wished to meet with me to discuss doing a # 1. Grandparents Bill (for access)  and # 2. Kinship Bill (for more $$).

I networked with Tracy Woodford of the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic to help promote a research project on examining depression in the menopausal transition.

Denise  Morris and I did a radio talk show on kinship.

Connected with Nicola Harris, M.S.W, R.S.W. of The Village Keepers Child and Family Centre who can now offer respite services for individuals for a small fee (more details to come)

I now have a appointment with a National Organization with a WAREHOUSE full of stuff they MAY bless our grandparents with!

I was nominated for Everyday Heroes for Chatelaine magazine I was one of the top ten finalizes for Grandparent of the Year for GRAND magazine.

A US researcher (Matt) is doing another huge survey on kinship households and our successes in Canada.

Our Second student started then sadly had to leave due to health reasons.

CANGRANDS family camp at Camp Winston May long weekend 2012.

I did a radio talk show on denied access issues.

I secured a new location for our 11th annual CANGRANDS kinship conference and camp. Check out Ignite Camp & Retreat Centre

I was able to secure sponsorship from Angel Tree which will assist us in the 11th annual CANGRANDS kinship conference and camp from July 8-13

I signed up to train as a National Alliance on Mental Illness to become certified to teach their Family to Family Education program. I will use this as another networking opportunity to spread the word about kinship issues and to education the list on mental illness issues.

CANGRANDS has been invited to speak in several Northern locations. B.C. has connect with me as they would like to use our conference and camp model to start one out there.

New Chapter leaders coming on board as fast as I close down the ones who are doing nothing.

Hopefully by June our second cookbook will be published. (Sales help cover CANGRANDS camp costs and fees)

The law firm who took CANGRANDS on will be setting up free kinship  adoption for members.

Daily new folks are coming to CANGRANDS and getting the support they seek.

CANGRANDS was part of Angel Trees opening celebrations in Toronto.

As a member of the Ontario Rural Services Working Group I network with many other agencies across Eastern Ontario.

Ron has offered to pay for a lawyer to get the charity status done and we are waiting for Marion to update the books.

If you can not afford to pay the $25.00 membership please do not feel bad, however if you can and just have not got around to it please now is the time.

If YOU want CANGRANDS to be a voice on your behalf then vote with your cheque books! Your support is needed and appreciated. Please send your membership to: CANGRANDS NATIONAL KINSHIP SUPPORT 2580 Hartsmere Rd. Mc Arthurs Mills, ON K0L2M0 Thanks ever so much! Betty Cornelius – Founder + Support + Encourage + Educate = GRANDpower