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new TVO KINSHIP documentary

Karen Shopsowitz and camera crew were in our home yesterday filming for a new TVO KINSHIP documentary. They will be back today. This will not air il late Fall as they will also film some of our 11th annual CANGRANDS
confernce and camp.

Karen Shopsowitz is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown nationally and internationally. As a director, writer, and editor, Karen has worked on dozens of productions, ranging from stand-alone documentaries to documentary series, music videos, and fiction. Her
credits include Series Producer/Director on the 3-part series “Canada’s War in Colour” for which she received a Gemini nomination, and director/editor/writer on “My Father’s Camera”, recipient of the prestigious Peabody Award. Karen has a Bachelor of Journalism from
Carleton University and a Master of Fine Arts from York University’s Department of Film and Video.

Karen recently did “One Summer_at Camp_Winston” which can be seen at:​One_Summer_at_Camp_Winston

Please go to this page​en/about/contact.php
and ask what they are doing to help the kinship families and those denied access to grandchildren.

TVO doing a kinship documentary

TVO is doing a KINSHIP documentary and I am so pleased that once again the Lord is using me to tell our stories!