Thanks for the update on Bill # 22 . Sadly this is exactly what has
happened to the other grandparent bills. In 1997 I heloped get Bill 27
going and now all these years later we still do not have a grandparents
rights bill. This is very dishearting to those of us who have been
battling hard and long.

Thanks for the reply.

Ms Cornelius
At this stage the Committee is considering a Government
Bill, Bill 179. All Government Bills take precedence over Private Members
Bills. Until the Committee has concluded its consideration of Bill 179,
it is unlikely that consideration of Bill 22 will occur.
However, in addition, the House is expected to recess on June 3rd for the
summer. It is then unlikely that the Bill will be considered before the
summer recess.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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