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Windsor CANGRANDS Chapter Leader, Darlene Hachey hosted a Family Day information dinner to gather support of Bill # 22, which is asking for the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren.

The event was held at the Windsor Sportsmen’s Club and attended by over 100 folks. Many came from all over the province such as: Toronto, Seaforth, London, Chatham, Lucknow, Godrich and Bancroft.

Most attending are denied access to beloved grand- children, while others came to lend support to the cause.

Guest speakers included: Darlene Hachey, Joe Comartin MP, Kim Craitor MPP (by speaker phone), Dr. Robert Drake, Larry Duffield, Chair Person of Windsor CARP, Betty Cornelius, Founder of CANGRANDS NATIONAL KINSHIP SUPPORT, and Sue Doey, denied and advocate grandparent.

A lovely meal was blessed by Reverend Bruce Draper and enjoyed by all. Approximately 1/3 of the guests went home with one of the many, awesome door prizes provided by local supporters.

Great questions were asked of the speakers. Many heart broken tales were told, of being denied access due to biological parents having control issues then using their own children as pawns against loving grandparents! Example: IF you do not give or do thier for ME, then you will NEVER see the grandchildren again

There was also a silent auction and 50/50 draw with proceeds to the CANGRANDS 10th annual Conference and Camp.

Presently this Bill awaits it’s third and final reading at the social justice committee.

To ensure this Bill get passed plans include more letter campaigns, visit to MP’s and MPP’s, plus gathering local community support by visiting churches, service clubs, businesses and associations.

Only 10 dollars per ticket for chicken penne with meat sauce, salad, bun, butter, cake, tea & coffee. GRAND guest speakers. Tickets in advance only call Darlene Hachey 519-969-5848