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Support for Bill 22

Absolutely, I’ll be supporting Bill 22, -the Rights of Grandparents to see their grandchildren.
My good friend, MPP Kim Craitor has brought this Private Members’ Bill back to the Legislature, and I support Kim’s advocacy. He has worked so hard
to bring this bill forward, and both he and I have read hundreds of petitions into the record.
I am well aware of the heartache caused by grandparents not being allowed to see their grandchildren. With my two little grand-daughters, I just could not bear to think of something like this happening. Thank you Linda and Ivan for taking the time to email me. Much appreciated, and you can count on my support.
Sincerely, Jim Brownell, MPP
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


September 11, 2010

Cambridge City Hall

10 – 2pm

BBQ, music, bouncy castle and lots of fun for grandparents and grandchildren


Meets third Wednesday of every month from September – May at the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank

TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
WHEREAS Grandparents often become a family’s first reserves in times of crisis. Grandparents act as fun playmates for children, role models and family historians, mentors and help establish self esteem and security for children (Blau, 1984; Komhaber & Woodward, 1981)
One potential aspect of the divorce in the disruption or severance of the grandparents–grandchild relationship (Myers & Perin, 1983)
Also in cases of the death of a parent the grandparents should continue to enjoy access to their grandchildren by the living parents; as visitation and access was fully established prior to the death of the parent.
In Canada the issue of grandparent rights of access to grandchildren has not been given recognition in legislation, with the exception of Quebec, Alberta, and B.C. In all other provinces, grandparents may only petition the rights of access as interested third parties. In the absence of a specific statue providing grandparents with legal standing to access, there are continuing difficulties in obtaining contact with grandchildren (Kruk, 1995).
WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:
That, grandparents have a legal right to access and visitation of their grandchildren in the event of a parental divorce or death of a parent and we support Bill # 22.

Name (printed)
Address (printed)


Hand into your local MP or CAW union office!