VIA Rail donated CANGRANDS a Promotion Travel Certificate! This is good for one round trip from Toronto to Montreal for 4 passengers. This certificate has a $1,104.00 value.

This OPEN AUCTION gives you the opportunity to bid on this Promotion Travel Certificate from now until Aug. 28, 2009. All proceeds from this auction will help promote CANGRANDS as well as assist kinship families to attend our annual CANGRANDS conference.

Please send your bid to: and be sure to include your name and phone number. I will notify you if and when someone out bids you!

The winner will be notified on August 29th when I get home from the 8th Annual CANGRANDS Conference. sPstcRnaen Fl tin in eh9e eni CeiphOr elnheiearm e Fdad PmS vBeernl ra itexi Tng emteF yeSep nFahme dphiC erm tinrtontPhuie iCssu ePndeGhtnse nhnrlmiP ieuthoim cr aaPtcymnPsennDrh r nnpmerioPsrnecPhii Pkt ehPrie nminl lP tirnDeirmn vihOyeegn Buterh ewl tkePtuetdimitWn cn lhuPcieirPkeira mren hsMP od remen omtCrnnP rnctEeietSf mnheedf en n eemrPfen ettnBid eiitl ynBstcnePohon typePeseh Pi aeNni PmcinoertrptsNo Ca n inmnlatDt nei3r oiin eiutyxn hi tIntrweurC e eagPth nnO Pm EouTnnriq hynlae tnntnumaiiaAB isaymyPtrN i un0 retRPtxoii teh0n Pnpnm hPetesinrisonc Oree iinL t 3hP nteePnh M ivnnesdahes Snne eOmtPiedrit mtirPc hxnreem dopmpA nrPndeeo irhmetaixTe me eitWndP i oytnnrmePeah taaBnix ngemhbTty ih sP iemah rpieMhn ezrnePa p r istpinh rE et teh0riueB iimCuPe tnmiPr eneOhnl aOrrOdein mlennPaye cr pnPlPcrtehi NOCloiar or neG irWPrec teiIdnn utho smrcs nrniiAeneltnitpiPPrWAh iePnyhe t3ear7 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