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Garth Riley – Host CHEX TV Durham will interview Betty Cornelius
President/Chair on Grand Parents Raising Grand Kids!

Are Grandparents who raise their grandchildren being treated fairly by the
on Monday Nov 24th 2008 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Veiw on First Take Live on Channel 12 OR Channel 129 on Rogers Digital Cable
anywhere in Ontario

The Book – The Journey

Gail Smith just published a Children’s Book – The Journey. This book has been years in the making, when Gail joined the Cangrands – the group no one wanted to join – then this book became a priority.

You can purchase this book on-line here Gail Smith’s Book – The Journey
This is a story of a little girl named Sue. Captured is a time when your only toy was your imagination and the outside world your playground. As you read you are pulled into Sue’s world where Ants can talk and anything is possible. A riveting tale of a friendship and a little girl’s determination.

50% of all profits will go to Cangrands. There are several things that we are hoping to accomplish with this money.

Our Goal –

    * To help with little day to day things that most people take for granted. School trips, school pictures, birthday parties, Christmas baskets.
    * To ensure that glasses,prescriptions and dental costs can be met. To ensure that all special needs can be met.
    * To give on going help to those that need it. Whether it be monthly or a one time gift.
    * To ensure that each and every Cangrand can afford Legal Advise to ensure the well being and safety of their Grandchild.

The list and need is great and I could go on, but I am sure you understand that this money will used for the Grandparents/Kin and the Grandchildren/Kin.

The need is real and this is especially true now when the Liberal Government in all their wisdom has deem that the Ontario Works Temporary Assistance is unnecessary.